FinPosts由三位志同道合的财务顾问通过多次的咖啡会谈后所创立。 Ben,June和Wei Onn,他们三位同意“知识不应该是一种特权,而是应该公开”。经过多年帮助他们的客户获得良好财务规划后,他们意识到每天只能在有限的时间内帮助到少数的人们。如何可以让他们更快的速度接触到更多的人呢?就是利用目前的科技,利用网络媒体将知识和经验传播给公众,这是他们最终明智的选择。

作为有道德和专业的他们,三位创办人总是体贴和为他人先着想,FinPosts的使命是尽可能简化财务信息以便让公众更容易去理解。因此就有了这标语“Financial Matters Made Easy”。





Why we started FINPosts

I always get confused with the financial products in the market and I take a long time to decide on which to save/invest my money into. Most of the recommendations given online are mostly sponsored. When I found FINPosts, I was happy that their articles are written in a neutral and unbias position. I would definitely take on their advice and suggestions!

Patrick Chan

District Manager, Secret Recipe

The article “Guide to Proper Medical Coverage” must be reached out to more people. I had an unpleasant experience with an unethical agent and I entrusted a lot of my money to him. I was fortunate enough to meet a professional agent by referral and his advices are exactly what was written in this article. I am really impressed with the authors!

Steve Lee

Support Manager, IDTS Sdn Bhd

I have always wanted to learn more in managing my personal finance. For someone who is finance illiterate, their articles are clean and easy for my understanding. I find them very beneficial and I truly enjoy reading their articles. I look forward for their upcoming articles.

Carissa Gan

Senior Copywriter, KAODIM

I would definitely share FINPosts articles with my clients. The information are well summarized for people’s understanding. I specially loved the article on “Easing your home loan with EPF” and “Secrets to gaining lower home loan rates”. I hope they will be able to reach out to more people.

Ken Chan

Real Estate Agent, TECHREALTORS

I really love how FINPosts shares with us simple tips and uncommon information related to finance. The article on medical card clauses was an interesting read as I never knew of such information. It also saved me a lot of time from reading the whole insurance contract myself.

Vivian Kuan

Laywer, Daniel & Wong

It is rare to have a financial site that has both English and Chinese articles. The authors did not use direct translation like many sites do which is great. The articles are not boring as they relate stories and real life examples to make the read more interesting. As a copywriter, I would commend their articles and will definitely share them with my friends.

Gill Yenyen

Copywriter, McParadise Pte Ltd

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